Sunday, June 13, 2010

God I freakin' LOVE Danny Stevens

Everyone go check out The Audition right now!

~$hOpPiNg Iz My LyFe~

Saturday I went on a shopping spree with my Auntie as my graduation present. I kind of feel like a dork for getting so excited over clothes and accessories but WHATEVS. I don't feel like taking pictures of all the clothing I got, but here are some pictures of the coolest bracelets from Anthropologie. The first one is my favorite, even though it's a little too indie/hipster for my taste. But I'm starting to notice that as much as I make fun of hipsters...I kind of am one. OOPS. At least i'm not running around in native american head dresses and oxfords.........yet.


...JK now I have to go to college.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Lovin'

My friend Jaime works at the grocery store that's literally a two minute walk from my house so we've fallen into a routine of tanning and swimming after she gets off. Unfortunately, the Texas heat is so unbearable that we can only last out there for about twenty minutes before we're either in the pool or running inside for popsicles. Or ice cream. Or frozen pie on a stick dipped in chocolate. I'm so serious right now.