Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Go Mavs!!

Tonight, I went to game 5 of the playoffs with my little brother, Keon. He and Dad are such huge Mavs fans, but Dad was out of town, so I got to go this time. Plus, we had courtside seats, 2nd row, so I was stoked! On a softer, lamer note, I'm going off to college in under five months and I feel like I don't spend as much time as I should with my little mini me. All you older siblings out there - be nice to the little ones!!

Keon posing with his roast chicken breast that was larger than his head

cr33ping on Dirk

Annoying asshole who kept photobombing all of my pictures

Oh god. Please eat a sandwich.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gibson chain tank + ATX

Thursday night, Mom, Dad, and I headed out to Austin to check out some potential dorms. I wore my new Gibson chain bib tank and felt a little odd becuase I was the only student on the tour who was not in jeans and a tee. My mom kept pointing out that "normal" kids don't dress up every day and she almost died of embarassment when I jokingly asked where the nearest Neiman Marcus was. Sometimes I think I come off sounding really stupid when people don't catch on to my sarcasm. For the record, I'm not a brat and I don't even like Neimans.

Here's the tank paired with a Free People skirt and laser cut boots from Nordstrom

Mom & Dad at Austin Java

Poppa breakfast

My "baby" migas

Dad feeling really cool with his rHiNeStOnEd SkUlL tee

Speck. the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. I tried to ask the waiter what it was, but he was the awkward wipe-my-sweaty-forehead-with-a-napkin quiet type and I couldn't really make out his answer. To my understanding, though, speck is cured meat from a pig's belly.

barf. in. my. mouth.


I was really shocked that the weinermobile actually exists! I forced Dad to stop in the middle of traffic so I could snap this picture and we had a line of angry drivers honking at us while I tried to get the camera setting just right. LOL

New Free People finds

We The Free grey combo slip dress

Free People novelty necklace tunic

Free People sheer silver tank

^can't wait to pair that with a really funky beandeau or bralette

I also bought a Gibson chain bib tank but it's at the dry cleaner's because I wore it everywhere this weekend in the 100+ degree weather in Austin. And just my luck I forgot to bring a strapless bra so I got to play the part of "that-girl-who-thinks-it's-cool-when-her-bra-shows-even-though-it's-not". I bet you anything you have a couple of those girls in your life. I know my school is filled with them.

You know that feeling?

When you purchase a brand new pair of flats, or a perfectly frosted cupcake, or a fresh tube of gloss and you don't even want to remove the item from the packaging for fear of disrupting the silent charm?

This past Christmas, my grandmother (mamany) gave me these Burberry studded flats and in the past four months I think I have worn them a staggering two times. I feel like those F.O.B grandmas who put plastic coverings on their furniture, but I just can't bear to treck over cig butts, mud, and snail slime in these beauties.

I originally wanted these flats during the "let's-add-spikes/studs-to-everything-on-the-fucking planet-and-breed-a-generation-of-hipsters" faze but even though that trend is thankfully coming to a close, I have a feeling that this pair won't die just yet.

My rough&rugged style inspiration. God, why is he so hot???